Divorce Lawyer Quotes and Comics that will make you laugh! Part 1

Although Divorce is serious business, I have to sometimes try and my clients realize life is short! And nothing can cure you better than Laughter! So instead of some boring post on why should choose me if you are looking for a divorce lawyer in San Diego, I decided to post something funny for which I had to browse the internet for a few hours.

So let’s look at these funny ads,quotes and comics on divorce law:


Divorce Lawyer Funny 1

We can never write anything funny related to law without mentioning Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, you think? But seriously, if you are a guy going through divorce, you have to say this is plain funny? Divorce in some ways is very illuminating, that we really get to know our husbands and wives deeply!


Divorce Lawyer funny 2

Now I didn’t mean to get cocky, but divorce law is my super power and if you are looking for a attorney to represent you through a divorce, then call me, or even Google “Marlene Keen” before calling me. I wish I can wear this T-shit and literally tell people that divorce is my super power, but never mind :)


divorce lawyer Marlene Keen funny 3

I really don’t mean it, or may be I do :) Divorce can be seriously expensive and in a charged up environment such as divorce proceedings, your wife/husband can take advantage of your financial situation. I think this is funny because it literally gets the point through. But, it assumes that you (the husband) makes more money than your wife. Now I don’t want to get into that debate!


Divorce Lawyer funny 4

How would Trump praise a divorce lawyer? You are a great Lawyer, So very special. I know this is plain silly, but don’t tell me you think it’s not funny. I hope that’s what you will tell me after I am done representing you with your case.


Divorce lawyer Funny 5

Money can’t buy happiness, but not having enough of it can definitely suck! And divorce settlements can be very costly for you, that’s why you need experience on your side!

If you are looking for a Divorce lawyer in San Diego area then call Marlene Keen Law offices. I know divorce can be stressful and I certainly don’t think it’s funny and that’s why I will make sure you get the best that representation, money can buy!