Modification & Enforcement

San Diego Family Lawyers: Modify or Enforce Court Orders

Most child custody arrangements are established during a period of transformation — when there is a divorce or when the family is transitioning from one household to two. Even when all eyes are focused on the best interests of the children, the end solution may not accurately meet the family’s needs or the best interests of the children in years to come. California family laws allow for modification of existing court orders, such as child custody, visitation or child support orders.

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Modifications to Existing Custody or Support Orders

The court allows modifications to existing child custody or support orders when there is a demonstrable change in circumstances. Modifications may be warranted when there is a significant increase or decrease in one parent’s income, when a parent requires relocation to another state, when a military parent is deployed or returns from overseas, or when there are any other significant changes in the needs of the children or parents. We assist San Diego area clients with the following:

  • Child custody modifications
  • Modification to co-parenting and visitation arrangements
  • Child support modifications

Child Custody or Support Enforcement

When a parent routinely denies access for parenting time or fails to adhere to the visitation schedule that was ordered or agreed upon, it can significantly hinder the relationship between parent and child. Likewise, if a parent routinely falls behind on child support payments or fails to pay child support entirely, the parent can be found in contempt of court for violating custody or support orders. An enforcement proceeding may impose wage garnishments, fines, and other sanctions to ensure child custody, child support and spousal support orders are adhered to and to impose judgments to collect back support.

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