What are some of the qualities of a Top Divorce Attorney?

Divorce is not just another event in your life. It’s not like getting your Car fixed. There’s always another chance to get your car fixed, but there is only chance to get your divorce done right.

That’s why, before you pick your Divorce Lawyer, you should look for the following qualities in your attorney:

1) Communication Skills:

Being able to talk to your lawyer is very important, especially in matters of family problems. Family problems can be very sensitive and there’s a lot of emotion involved while trying to weigh your options during an event such as divorce. So naturally, it’s important that you can talk to your lawyer easily and tell her your side of the story. If an attorney can’t explain you things in simple English, then move on.

2) Skill and Experience:

Needless to say, domain knowledge and experience is everything in any profession (not just law). The more experience a lawyer has, the more situations they have seen. The more it helps them to deal with your situation in a easy manner.

3) Availability:
Availability is important, if your lawyer can’t even spare few minutes to discuss an important matter, or show up on time in court, then it can really throw you off. Make sure you get a sense of your lawyers availability based on the first couple of calls/meet and greets.

4) Being able to work under pressure:
I have seen this time and again that lawyers are fine to begin with, when you first talk to them. But then when things heat up, they buckle under pressure and they are not able to hold their own. This can be very damaging for you since you are not getting the best from your lawyer when you need it most.

If you are in San Diego area, look no further than Marlene J Keen. She has extensive experience dealing with Military and Civil Families and getting them the justice they deserve. Marlene is a native San Diegan, she operates out of downtown San Diego, but will travel if the situation demands it. She has clients all over from San Diego.

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San Diego Divorce Attorney Marlene J Keen

San Diego Divorce Attorney Marlene J Keen